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FGS provides you with easy access to our grading service. You are not required to join a club or pay a membership fee.
You can submit one card or a large lot of cards for grading.

Submission forms can be obtained from the following sources.

1. Downloading the submission form from our website.
2. Obtaining a submission form from our advertisements in various magazines.
3. Calling our corporate office, requesting a submission form to be mailed to you.

Please make sure that all of the information required on the submission form is complete. This includes the completion of
the grading service selected, insurance and shipping costs. Please make sure that you have properly protected and packaged your
cards. Place the ungraded card in an oversized semi-rigid cardholder such as Card Saver I or Ultimate. Place all of the cards between
two pieces of cardboard for additional protection. Then place the cards ready for submission in a box making sure there is enough
packaging material to protect the cards. Please do not submit cards in top loaders, screw down or snap holders.

Identify the method of payment for the grading service, check, money order or credit card. Please fill out completely the payment
section of the submission form. Finally ship your cards to the FGS address on the top of the submission form.

Finest Grading Service
Post Office Box 55905
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403